Review: John Bolton

This past week or two (who can tell anymore, every day is the same) former Secretary of State under Bush Jr., and subsequently National Security Advisor to current US President Benito Macaroni, published a tell-all book, The Room Where It Happened, much to the consternation of his former most recent boss.

Bolton is most recently attributed to having tried to drum up support within the administration for war with Iran– likely encouraged by his previous "successes" in places like Iraq and Libya. Secretary Bolton's other accomplishments include refusing to testify before congress when his ex-boss violated his oath of office, and then attempting to profit from his malfeasance; like the true American Patriot he has always been.

I do not condone piracy, but nor do I condone John Bolton– thus if you're interested in reading the book might I suggest this link as a starting point, if you know... you have moral objections to supporting John Bolton by purchasing the book.

Grade: F

Please enjoy a short rebuttal in music video form from John Bolton himself!

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