Blood Brothers and Indie Rock

So, yea, the quarantine totally sucks, but the one bright side is beer delivered to your door.  

One of my wife and I's favourite breweries in Toronto is Blood Brothers, a super hip brewery operating out of a garage, deep in the heart of a rapidly gentrifying warehouse district.  Really good beer, and really good vibes, but we rarely go since it is kind of out of the way.  But, thanks to The Rona, I can order some microbrews for same day delivery.

Tonight, I am drinking Devil's Trill XIII: Jagged Little Trill.   This hazy IPA with passionfruit has a fruity nose and a juicy sweet taste.  There is a bit of a wheat finish; but nothing horribly up front. And, at 7.4% ABV, it gets the job done.  All in all, a nice little evening.

Anyways, I am enjoying a few these while listening to some indie tunes, so here is an indie rock playlist to enjoy with your own quarantine brews.

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