Cask Strength Playlist Vol. 1

I’m very envious of Brads knowledge of bourbon.  He picks up on nuances and finishes that I never seem to identify.  In an effort to try my own experiment, I took several belts of Canadian Whiskey to give my own well rounded review.

Unfortunately,  I am a Canadian Whiskey noob, and can’t pick up on subtleties, so…  Here is a playlist to accompany Brad’s post, and your own whiskey tasting.

For what it is worth, I drank J.P. Wiser’s 15 Year; a more price conscious alternative to their 18 and 35 year bottles.  Available only in Canada, Wiser’s is known for its long legacy of quality Ontario distilled Whiskey.  This 15 year batch is extremely smooth (a common trait of Canadian whiskey), with notes of caramel, vanilla and oak. If you like Rye, you can taste it immediately.   Because of its sweetness and smoothness, it can easily be drunk neat.

This will be one of many playlists, but it is curated to pair with a lazy evening and a favourite brown liquor.  Most of the set is jazz and downtempo electronic.  Enjoy, and sweet dreams.

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