What Is Boofing?

You may have heard of this boofing thing from congressional interviews with Supreme Court nominee (now confirmed, unfortunately), Brett Kavanaugh. He claims it refers to a fart– I'm sure he didn't mean it in the same context my wook friends do– but whatever. One of the current Supreme Court justices was a boofer, which normally would seem cool but he was also accused of sexual assault and was one of the crack lawyers on the Clinton blowjob investigation so, maybe he deserved the scrutiny for his boofsperimentation (we also disclaim all connection with that douchebag).

Anywhoodles, boofing– in the context of the Wook Community (WC henceforth)– is the act of ingesting a drug through your anus. The abundance of small capillaries is apparently quite conducive to the absorption of alkaline drugs. To put it quite simply your ass is pretty damn similar to your nose; so if one gets fucked up you can always fallback on the other. Makes sense, right? (Source: WC)

OK. I realized this was actually not abundantly clear at this point. Don't feel bad if that's you; that just means you're one of those "good" people you always hear about. Boofing is shoving something in your bunghole with the specific intention to get high. Also, to be clear, it's pretty much a joke amongst the WC as well, but I have zero doubt some have tried it.

So you might ask, "why are you boofing culture"? Why in the fuck not? It's healthy and has restorative qualities, and while addictive it's like water-soluble vitamins– you eat too many you just piss them out– but you eat too few and you die.

In any case, in the context of this site/blog/thing it's just meant as a unit of measure– everything here is designed to be delivered in short, high quality "boofs." We want to try and share culture with you in quick, easily consumable posts. We also really want to engage, please comment and reach out to us, we really aren't trying to listen to ourselves talk (as much as it might (hopefully not) seem like it).

Hope everyone is staying safe and following the rules. Following the rules is important, no joking. It's weird for me having to try to convince the most vulnerable people I know that this virus lockdown is important. I hate it too but we've all gotta do what's necessary. Much love, stay safe.

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